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Speedboat rides


Do you think speedboat rides are fun? Yes, exactly, it depends.

Some friends and I take this mode of transportation to work regularly. Fun when the sea is calm, awful when the sea is choppy!  We try to avoid awful rides.  I think we have gotten pretty good at judging when a ride will be sort of fun and when it’s not. Read more


White, sandy beach

IMG_3247This place reminds me of Hawai’i – the white sandy beach, Waikiki, North Shore …

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Somewhat calm & lazy

IMG_3220One hot, sunny day
no hassle whatsoever
so mesmerizing



img_3675See! breathtaking view
could doze off watching
nature at its best!



from a distance


A beautiful morning – the view of Mt Kinabalu is beautiful from here – so majestic!  Took this picture as I stepped down the stairs of the overhead bridge infront of KKIA.

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