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That walk with you


I’ve imagined looking at this picture 15 years from now. A mixture of feelings, really


these are beautiful


LOCATION: Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Labuan International Campus Read more

beautiful spots in Melaka town


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Right in town(1)


Seldom pass by this part of town. As I walked toward HSBC, noticed some of the graffiti have changed. This and this were several of the earlier ones I spotted painted on the same wall. I wonder how many times in a week or month these graffiti change. I admire the lot who can do this. Read more

nearby HSBC in town

The Heritage Graffiti “aftermath”

Ian paying his tribute to the victims of the recent earthquake that hit Sabah so suddenly

IMG_2845Every person’s remembering will be different.
That engagement is important, I think. – 
Christian Marclay

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