“Pure” Read a number of discussions about children not being "pure". I think this depends on our very own way of understanding the subject. It also has to do with the context the word is being used. It's always fun spending time with kids - the lot who have no hidden agenda. No back stabbing,... Continue Reading →



I wish I have green fingers like Mom or MIL.  Errm... maybe it's all about priority, effort and determination. Well, interest does count too. So, it's not just about having "green fingers"... Related articles Weekly Photo Challenge The Color Red (2013weeklyphotochallenge.wordpress.com) Weekly Photo Challenge: Color (curlybug.wordpress.com) Weekly Photo Challenge: Color- The cooking pot (sheilacioustreehouse.wordpress.com) Weekly... Continue Reading →

Future Tense

"The Likely Conversation" "Hey Big Bro!  Where do you think we'll be 30 years from now?" "We'll be in foreign land I think" "I miss this place already" "Yeah! Me too." ""Do you think Mommy and Daddy will still live here?" "Hhmnn... I don't think so." "Mommy and Daddy will still remember us then, right?"... Continue Reading →

Lost in the Details

The lil' guy was quite insistent in trying his hands on this machine, just like most kids his age. I could see the drive that keeps him going ... yea, no matter what! The drive that's strong and pure. So full of life. This part in a child never cease to amaze me. He refused... Continue Reading →


"He ain't heavy, He's my brother" 2   I've got this picture up for this week's challenge.  I particularly chose it because of its sweetness - it's a sibling kiss, brotherly kiss, loving kiss, cute kiss, name it! One of those moments that would probably be rare to come by as the boys grow up... Continue Reading →


"Every road leads home" This week's theme sounds rather easy and shouldn't have been difficult.  I've come across many articles about Home; most of them convey a somewhat similar message that home is where the heart is. Home doesn't have to be where we were raised or had spent most of our lives living. Some... Continue Reading →

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