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Cherry on Top

Silent for seconds.
Just had to stop to freeze the moment.
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Details 2


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Details 1



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In the Background(2)

In this place, whichever point or location you’d stand to take a picture, a spectacular view in the background is sure visible.


Nearby Mesilau Nature Resort, infact just before reaching the resort, the place in these pictures is Desa Cattle Farm, a place to watch cattle grazing on the green grass field. The photos were taken at the center of the farm where the showroom and office are located.




A complete absence of noise.

Don’t you just love it too?

To be able to just take days off…

take a deep breath of pure, clean, fresh air…

To breath out the stresses of life….

To de-stress the nature’s way…

To escape!

as often as you wanted to?




The word escape connotes getting away, could be from something or merely just to take the time to smell the roses, feel the grass, feel the cool fresh air against our skin, watch the horizon perhaps …


I remember walking down this wooden bridge breathing fresh air, embracing the beautiful view of the horizon (Mabul Island, Sabah)

A fairly low profile spot, this spot brings back tons of childhood memories, (Meruntum Bay)

A fairly low profile spot (sort of run-down) which brings back tons of childhood memories.  There’s a beach nearby, used to be a fine one where we picnicked on weekends.  The sunset  here is still breathtakingly beautiful, the one thing that did not change over the decades!  (Meruntum Bay, Sabah)



If the boy and girl walk off into the sunset hand-in-hand in the last scene,
it adds 10 million to the box office.
– George Lucas

Can’t resist posting another entry for this week’s theme! This picture was taken on top of a small hill now no longer in existence to make way for new development so to speak! Can’t believe development took it away so fast! Sometime ago, my son and I used to spend time here,  just watching the sunset. When the weather is fine, we’d always see beautiful colors of sunset just like in this picture – magical, glorious really. The airport is located not too far from here, so we’d see aircrafts taking off and landing. Morning sunrise views from here was just as breathtaking. Would have become one of photographers’ ideal spot to take pictures if the spot was allowed to have a longer life! 🙂

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