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Gaya Street Souvenir Center



img_2548-copyI noticed the durian first, then the rest.

The shop outlet in the picture is Gaya Souvenir Center, located right in the heart of KK where tourists normally flock to buy food item to bring back home. Like some spicy chocolate? Totally unique chocolate with flavors like Sabah tea, Cili Padi. I haven’t had the chance to taste these yet… A variety of food item really – spanning from coconut or durian candy to dried mango.  A whole selections of aromatic coffee is there too for coffee lovers.

Mural, graffiti and the like are quite common these days. Love this idea. Wall murals are always commendable provided it’s clean, neat, enhances the outlet/building/environment and gives meaning. It presents a positive perception of the of the premise and place.


Location/Address: Gaya Souvenir Centre
Ground Floor & 1st Floor, Lot 119 Wismas Bumi Jalan Gaya. Gaya Street, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
Tel/Fax: 088-266191

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