Wisma Intiutama, KK

Situated right infront of the Kota Kinabalu Police Station


Gaya Street Souvenir Center

I noticed the durian first, then the rest. The shop outlet in the picture is Gaya Souvenir Center, located right in the heart of KK where tourists normally flock to buy food item to bring back home. Like some spicy chocolate? Totally unique chocolate with flavors like Sabah tea, Cili Padi. I haven't had the chance... Continue Reading →

I remember vividly going to this town in those days either for breakfast or simply to buy stuff. Most of the time for breakfast. That was decades ago. Well, to be exact, three decades ago and it feels just like yesterday. Now, this town doesn't look nowhere near this scenery (picture). I'll make an effort to shoot... Continue Reading →

Noon time

It's good to be able to look out there in between work. A therapy of some sort ... This is 'noon time' framed!

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