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Labuan Sunset

Feb 17009628cee681523e9a974422e59a2b8fdb966b778ef8c308544fa06ed74916d7

I often witness this beautiful sunset in the evening. Just awesome. I just relocated to a new office about a month back and I see this beauty every single evening. Without fail, so far:)

From the same spot …
Feb 18cb0fe60fde740eee320e01c5f3481e82ccb55e92ea4f73b30b370c9a6754b663Sunset happens quick, too quick

Take a moment to notice the sunset. Watch the hues and colours of the sky change, reflect on what today meant and what tomorrow will bring. Observe the dove fly onto your porch and walk around in your balcony so endearingly. A moment to breathe the fresh early morning air and the dew drops on the flower buds.  Grabbed from 

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