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At 1.5, hugging Mickey to sleep had to be one of the sweetest things to this lil’ tyke …

Not only Mickey comforts him to slumberland in just a matter of minutes but for a fairly length of time too. Such sweet companion!

Almost 3 now, he has shifted to hugging a bolster instead but still hugs stuffed animals once in a while. Kids these age just love hugging stuff animals (or bolster) simply because they are soft and dependable (don’t move or resist).  I don’t think hugging stuffed animals or a bolster speaks volume about their personality – some suggest that kids who do tend to be soft and will have behavior problems in later years.

IMG_7073My friend’s daughter sleeps with a blanket she has had since childhood. It is the one she cuddles on the couch with during a movie and she even takes it on vacations. At 15, she’s the sweetest girl.

In a forum that I came across, a fellow commenter said, “… it can be a form of mimicry where they are learning to be like their loving parents, in order to become loving parents themselves. So I think stuffed animals can also be a good indication, of well developed empathy”.  Makes more sense.

Perhaps it does seem a little different (boys particularly) to be hugging a blanket or a stuffed animal at any age beyond that of 21 though!

But … isn’t being different the exact thing that makes each one of us a unique person?  🙂 We are all different in our own ways.  

Have a great day!..

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