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In the Background (3)

the background mysterious  somehow


In the background is the “Upside Down House”, the first of its kind in Malaysia and South East Asia and among the 5 upside-down structures in the world (3 are found in Europe and another in Japan). One may find this house a li’l small with barely much to offer, but according to statistics, this new attraction in the state of Sabah, has been receiving guests on a regular basis from the world over.  One of the reasons I can think of is that this house depicts a typical Sabah kampung (village) house. I wouldn;t liken it to a Sabah traditional house though, the look itself is …well, sort of modern in a way 🙂

If you’re into history, culture and the like, you will find this house in the background amazing! Hop over to the following links to learn more : The Upside House of Borneo    Upside House (Rumah Terbalik)


In the Background(2)

In this place, whichever point or location you’d stand to take a picture, a spectacular view in the background is sure visible.


Nearby Mesilau Nature Resort, infact just before reaching the resort, the place in these pictures is Desa Cattle Farm, a place to watch cattle grazing on the green grass field. The photos were taken at the center of the farm where the showroom and office are located.

In The Background


Majestic really …

It was drizzling. With a kid in tow, we decided to skip the 268 steps hike up to the top!

(A transport up is available for those who can’t make the walk though).

This is the famous seated Buddha at Lantau (the largest island in Hong Kong), also called the Tien Tan Buddha. At 34 meters (110 feet) tall, weighing 250 metric tons, it looks majestic from below.

Made from over 200 pieces of  bronze and cost 68 million to construct, it is one of China’s five largest statues of the Buddha. I read that during a clear day, this bronze seated Buddha can be seen from as far as Macau. Will certainly hike up to the top and watch Macau from afar during my next trip here whenever that is !

Learn more about Tien Tan Buddha.



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A complete absence of noise.

Don’t you just love it too?

To be able to just take days off…

take a deep breath of pure, clean, fresh air…

To breath out the stresses of life….

To de-stress the nature’s way…

To escape!

as often as you wanted to?




The word escape connotes getting away, could be from something or merely just to take the time to smell the roses, feel the grass, feel the cool fresh air against our skin, watch the horizon perhaps …


I remember walking down this wooden bridge breathing fresh air, embracing the beautiful view of the horizon (Mabul Island, Sabah)

A fairly low profile spot, this spot brings back tons of childhood memories, (Meruntum Bay)

A fairly low profile spot (sort of run-down) which brings back tons of childhood memories.  There’s a beach nearby, used to be a fine one where we picnicked on weekends.  The sunset  here is still breathtakingly beautiful, the one thing that did not change over the decades!  (Meruntum Bay, Sabah)


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