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As I slowed down almost ready to wind up my walk, I took a few deep breaths. I stopped, looked up and closed my eyes. When I re-opened my eyes still looking up, I saw this – the trees, the branches, the faint shadow of the morning sun. The morning air was fresh, I felt a different kind of energy.

This week’s theme is  “Up”.  Up is a powerful word. To some, Up symbolizes greatness, hope or anticipation. Look up, don’t give up or simply ‘up’ – there’s something magical about these words. Sometimes, when we’re feeling down, we often hear them and somehow, one way or another, we’re encouraged. When we want something positive to happen, we tend to look up. 




Do trees change colors?bunga5

I love the sight of these trees, prettybunga3

 and I’m yet to find out its name!  Anyone?bunga4

It blooms in pink around this time of the year, as a matter of fact every year, and without fail too.  Otherwise, these trees are all in green.

bunga1A type of tree in mind to surround future abode … perhaps!

Color 3

Kids just love bright colors. Period. T


I wish I have green fingers like Mom or MIL.  Errm… maybe it’s all about priority, effort and determination. Well, interest does count too. So, it’s not just about having “green fingers”…?


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