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As I slowed down almost ready to wind up my walk, I took a few deep breaths. I stopped, looked up and closed my eyes. When I re-opened my eyes still looking up, I saw this – the trees, the branches, the faint shadow of the morning sun. The morning air was fresh, I felt a different kind of energy. Read more




Do trees change colors?bunga5

I love the sight of these trees, prettybunga3

 and I’m yet to find out its name!  Anyone?bunga4

It blooms in pink around this time of the year, as a matter of fact every year, and without fail too.  Otherwise, these trees are all in green.

bunga1A type of tree in mind to surround future abode … perhaps!

Color 3

Kids just love bright colors. Period. T


I wish I have green fingers like Mom or MIL.  Errm… maybe I do have green fingers. It’s just that it’s not a priority, hence less effort and determination. So, it’s not just about having “green fingers”…?


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