Future Tense


“The Likely Conversation”

“Hey Big Bro!  Where do you think we’ll be 30 years from now?”
“We’ll be in foreign land I think”
“I miss this place already”
“Yeah! Me too.”
“Do you think Mommy and Daddy will still live here?”
“Hhmnn… I don’t think so.”
“Mommy and Daddy will still remember us then, right?”
“Of course. Why do you think they won’t remember us?”
“Well, maybe because of “Diamond Chia”
“Diamond Chia?  Who’s that?!”
“I heard the uncle on TV saying something like Diamond Chia attack  older people, then they forget things…something like that. ”
“Eerrr you mean dementia ? …touch wood, NO!”
<Thinking> “When I’m old enough, I’ll look for Diamond Chia and make him stop attacking people. “

 Dementia isn’t a specific disease. Instead, dementia describes a group of symptoms affecting intellectual and social abilities severely enough to interfere with daily functioning…   Continue reading

Useful   Links   
Dementia By Mayo Clinic staff
What You Need To Know About Dementia 


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