Future Tense

"The Likely Conversation" "Hey Big Bro!  Where do you think we'll be 30 years from now?" "We'll be in foreign land I think" "I miss this place already" "Yeah! Me too." ""Do you think Mommy and Daddy will still live here?" "Hhmnn... I don't think so." "Mommy and Daddy will still remember us then, right?"... Continue Reading →



Love the fact that it's simple, light and of course yummylicious! This set is also taken as breakfast by many, including moi. See on the far upper left of the picture, that's  fresh cut chili with a little bit of vinegar and soy bean added to it. Can't live without that! Then there's the tofu (squarish)... Continue Reading →

My Neighborhood

Around the neighborhood in 60 minutes or less! Took the opportunity to take these snapshots using my iphone during my stroll (brisk walk actually)this evening. Nothing spectacular so I thought but somehow my neighborhood looks different in pictures!  I see more details too ...I mean, the garbage bin of my neighbor from around the corner is uniquely... Continue Reading →

Lost in the Details

The lil' guy was quite insistent in trying his hands on this machine, just like most kids his age. I could see the drive that keeps him going ... yea, no matter what! The drive that's strong and pure. So full of life. This part in a child never cease to amaze me. He refused... Continue Reading →


Designs or an architecture of a building seems to intrigue me - kinda hard to explain exactly why but they often invite me to ponder over the "stories" that may lie within. Sort of tells a part of me - the part that likes to admire any fine piece of work. Perhaps Moi was an architect,... Continue Reading →

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