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“He ain’t heavy, He’s my brother” 2


I’ve got this picture up for this week’s challenge.  I particularly chose it because of its sweetness – it’s a sibling kiss, brotherly kiss, loving kiss, cute kiss, name it! One of those moments that would probably be rare to come by as the boys grow up 🙂



Every road leads home”

This week’s theme sounds rather easy and shouldn’t have been difficult.  I’ve come across many articles about Home; most of them convey a somewhat similar message that home is where the heart is. Read more


In My Son’s Eyes

My 2.3 year old son’s idea of arranging books.  He puts all his books neatly into place on the shelf with the pages wide opened. He puts them back in the same position after he finishes “mingling” with any of them! His first method of arranging books was the common one which is stacking, the second one was lining them up on the floor – a straight line too! Read more

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