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Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

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From Fine Things: Love

This week’s theme is beautiful. It’s “love”.

This theme got me detailing the moments that led to the capture of this picture!  We still remember it well.  We remember staring at the “love” on the ground.  Can you see the “love” too?

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Aren’t photographs just amazing? Each one carries a memory of its own. I grabbed a phrase about photography from The Retiring Sort’s blog – how so true in what the author wrote. Photography indeed opens up our eyes to new perspectives – to look at pictures from every possible angle, thus a new story altogetherl 🙂  The author wrote,

“Photography is a remarkable thing. It can take us places we’ve never been. It can validate or change our views of history. It can bring back wonderful memories, or share them with people who couldn’t be there in the moment.  But sometimes a photo is just the beginning of the story. Some pictures give just a hint of what lies beyond the borders of the image.”

Looking at the following pictures brings flashbacks – every step of the way! Had these pictures uploaded in my previous blog and these are here in response to Weekly Photo Challenge. A slight focal zoom(post processed) was imposed on the edges merely to give the pictures a little boost, otherwise they are as good as what our eyes have witnessed at that point of time! All three except the last one were taken in Macau.

Picture 1   Looking down and beyond. This picture was taken on the way up to Mt Fortress.   Read more


I think these photos fit nicely for this week’s photo challenge theme: Beyond

“I wonder as I look beyond”

When children seem dreamy yet looking

Maybe they’re seeing angels

Maybe they’re looking through the thick walls and beyond

Maybe they’re thinking about the hidden messages in the things they see

Maybe they’re  …

Trying to put the pieces of the puzzles together

Attempting to look for  possible explanations

Wondering what may have been and will be

Learning  what makes sense and what not

Learning about the world

Their world

-MJ  20. 1. 2013 – 

Both pictures were taken at Universal Studios, Singapore


If the boy and girl walk off into the sunset hand-in-hand in the last scene,
it adds 10 million to the box office.
– George Lucas

Can’t resist posting another entry for this week’s theme! This picture was taken on top of a small hill now no longer in existence to make way for new development so to speak! Can’t believe development took it away so fast! Sometime ago, my son and I used to spend time here,  just watching the sunset. When the weather is fine, we’d always see beautiful colors of sunset just like in this picture – magical, glorious really. The airport is located not too far from here, so we’d see aircrafts taking off and landing. Morning sunrise views from here was just as breathtaking. Would have become one of photographers’ ideal spot to take pictures if the spot was allowed to have a longer life! 🙂


At night, lights can make a city come to life!

Irrespective of the season, I think Victoria Peak always provides an amazing view of  Hong Kong districts. The night view from the top  is breathtakingly beautiful.  At night, you’d be looking at the city swathed by glittering neon lights! Believe me, it’s a beautiful sight from up there!   Learn more about  Victoria Peak.

Weekly Photo Challenge

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